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807/907 Magnetic Latching Dust-Tight Series

T-Bar Multi-Contact Magnetic Latching Relays, pulse operated and magnetically bi-stable, add the advantages of eliminating power waste during long periods in an operated position, and maintainenance of circuit integrity during a power loss.

T-Bar Magnetic Latching Relays are the same physical size as T-Bar relays which require continuous power and are available in the same contact configurations.

All Switching and reliability specifications are identical.

Two control configurations are available. "Polarity inversion" control
is standard. The relay is driven into the set or rest (latch or unlatch) position by inverting the polarity of the control voltage. As an option, two coil, "Bifilar," operation can be supplied to latch or unlatch using the same polarity DC control voltage.

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Control Diagrams

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Dust-Tight Magnetic Latching Relay

Ordering Information
Example of part #: 807-12C-28-S
T-Bar Series (807)
Number of Contacts (12)
Contact Form (C)
Coil Voltage (28)
All other options (S)

* Available in 12, 24, 36, 48 & 52 poles. Form C, Double throw, Transfer switching.

* Coils may be operated from 6, 12, 24, 28, 48 and 110 Volts DC and 115 Volts AC.

* Protected against normal ambient dust conditions.

* T-Bar Connectors are highly recommended.

T-Bar Relay Olympic Controls Corp.