T-Bar® is a division of Olympic Controls Corporation (OCC) that manufactures quality Relays, Toggles and Pushbuttons for any environment and situation. Proudly ‘Made in the U.S.A.’ and backed by our three generations of a family-owned and operated team. Here to meet your new, or original, equipment needs with our three T-Bar legacy product lines for over 50+ years. A name you know and can trust.
You know us by our name for having highly reliable Relays, Toggles and Pushbuttons but our clients come back for first-class design, custom development services and manufacturing excellence. All housed within our 20,000 sq. ft., full-service facility. Switch multiple circuits in less space with our unique 12-pole switching wafers stacked to produce customizable options. Proven quality in all environments. T-Bar products are made to withstand and will not fail—just ask our military who use them in critical applications. Legacy experience in every part we produce for you.
All of our products are made in the U.S.A. Source your parts locally.
More circuits in less space with our 12-pole switching wafer. 12 to 52 Form C (Double Throw) and to 60 Form A (Normally Open) circuits.
Reliable in all environments: land, air or water. Built to last.
Rigorous quality checks and tests are performed before any product leaves the building. We guarantee it.
Flexible options for product creativity and idea development as well as reverse engineering samples.
On-time and fast delivery of the products you order, shipped directly to you from the U.S. We stay on-schedule.
  • 100% commitment to continuous improvement of our design, development and manufacturing quality systems.
  • On-time delivery.
  • Sourcing harder-to-find parts at a reasonable cost.
  • Product Informational Sheets with technical schematics.
  • Customized, defect-free prototypes.
  • Producing products to the precise requirements our customers need—and we demand.
  • Used in multiple critical applications for clients such as: Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Learjet, Halliburton, Newark InOne, Department of Defense and Gulfstream.


A legacy line of dependability for every use, in any environment and all situations. We can manufacture your original parts or team up to develop one that has never been designed before. Learn more about our three T-Bar product lines below:
Dig into our legacy line toolbox for what you need today. Download informational sheets, technical schematics, helpful ordering charts and more. Visit our Toolbox now:
Experience realtime customer service. Call (847) 742-3566, or, e-mail [email protected] to discuss an order today. No delays, we are standing by.
Olympic Controls Corporation (OCC), a leader in full-service design, development and manufacturing excellence. 50+ years of quality legacy lines.
T-Bar® is a division of Olympic Controls Corporation and manufacturing legacy products for over 50 years. A dependable supplier of Relays, Toggles and Pushbuttons to the US Armed Forces, foreign governments and many Fortune 500 companies. A quality name you can trust for new or original equipment manufacturing.
T-Bar®, Division of Olympic Controls Corp.
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